Our environment will not leave you indifferent, we are in a privileged area, in the historic center, with easy walking access to all the must-see places in our city, surrounded by the entertainment venues and trendy restaurants, you can enjoy an unforgettable walk along the banks of the Guadalquivir river where you will enjoy the unbeatable views of the surroundings of the Roman Bridge, the great Mosque-Cathedral (250 meters away) and the Sotos de La Albolafia nature reserve, this walk is recommended at sunset or in the night when you will be able to appreciate the various nuances, colors and sensations that the place will bring you.
The train-bus station is approximately 2 kilometers away, about 30 minutes walking, you can also take bus number 3 that would leave you 100 meters away at the second stop on Calle San Fernando, or taxi.
If you are traveling by car, use exit number 401 of the Madrid-Seville highway. There is a public guarded parking 40 meters from the apartments, Parking Paseo de la Ribera 1, the cost of parking is 15.50 euros for 24 hours and reservations are not allowed. We recommend you first access the Parking, and walk to the apartments (only 40 meters), thus avoiding taking a long turn, driving through very narrow streets and a restricted area controlled by a bollard 👉🏼 See Instructions for the Access Control System (Acire) to the Historic Center of Córdoba, to get to the door of the apartments. In the event that they decide to enter the restricted area, they must notify us of their registration (earlier or later).
If you want to easily park in a free public area, before crossing the river over the Miraflores bridge, about 600 meters from the apartments, there is a free parking area.

IMPORTANT: Do not circulate in the Ronda de Isaac, is a restricted area to public vehicles (taxi and bus). Private vehicles are sanctioned.



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